As commissioned public art, Greg James' sculptures can be found throughout Western Australia and as far ranging as Ireland in the United Kingdom.
Select from the images below to review just some of Greg James' works. (# indicates statue location on map in Studio page.)

Dr Arnold Cook (1)
John Septimus Roe (7)
The Fishermen (2)
Aboriginal Family (3)
Maitland Brown (4)
Unknown Photographer (15)
Pietro Porcelli (6)
The Strike (14)
AW Potts (8)
Nurture and Growth (11)
Saint Senan (20)
Dr Arnold Cook & Dreena (13)
Bishop Mathew Hale (16)
The Dancer (10)
Fledglings (12)
Pas de deux (5)
Bon Scott (17)
John Septimus Roe
The Surveyor
Iris Metropolitan (19)
Dom Salvado (21)